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A Few book reviews!

A book, whose time has come, to rethink and practice the ability to find and move our spines!

What makes Mindful Spine a game changer, in how we think and create movement, is Conna-Lee's clear distinction between what spinal consciousness is and is not. This allows the reader to question what they think about their spine and our individual capacity to find and move our bodies. The book is filled with simple cognitive and physical exercises to find one's spine--it is not just a book about theory. Conna-lee points out how almost all other movement forms dance around the spine instead of embodying it. How can something become strong if you cannot feel it? Or how can your spine become flexible and healthy if you cannot decipher your skeletal sensations from other tissue sensations. The book Mindful Spine provides examples from tennis, golf, pilates, yoga and other movement practices. Reading the book is mind-bending--and that is why I like it. It challenges how we think about the body and brain connection. Even more exciting, is that we each have the capacity to learn and practice Mindful Spine and that is revolutionary.

Anne Bishop

A Ground Breaking Book!!!!

Conna-Lee has discovered a way of movement and strength that has fantastic merit. The living spine is a beautifully simple concept, yet it is largely ignored in movement and medicine. As an international coach and instructor of various forms of movement for many years, Conna-Lee is well qualified to introduce Mindful Spine. The book is quite affordable and will change your perceptions about your entire body in a holistic, positive way. I strongly recommend having a read. Money well spent.

Amazon Customer

Must read for all Yoga instructors!

I'm a Yoga Instructor and after reading this book I can clearly see that moving the spine is not at the forefront of thought in poses, or teaching poses or sequences. Instead, as Conna-Lee mentions in the book the spine is thought of as third person and coddled and protected. This is a must read for all yoga instructors, it shines a new light on things!!


For athletes and non-athletes alike!

Mindful spine is a must read! Whether you are in pain or wanting to stay pain-free, an athlete or a banker, this book will change the way you think about movement and getting the most from your body. As a former professional ballet dancer, I only wish I had found this sooner!

Amazon Customer

Five stars 

Great addition to the field. Must read for movement practitioners.


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