Learn to strengthen the deep muscles directly attached to each vertebra!

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Sonja and Bianca van der Velden, Olympic swimmers

Conna-Lee is an amazing energetic, positive and patient teacher. She has been coaching us since 2004 and the practice of MindfulSpine has changed our performance dramatically and kept us injury free!


Meghan Oliver, 1st Team All State Gymnast and State Champ Hurdler

  While managing all these sports I have experienced a lot of lower back pain, especially near my hip joints. In constant pain I was still able to perform and compete in both gymnastics and hurdles; although I experienced back pain every day and found myself taking over the counter medication. This summer I had the opportunity to learn MindfulSpine®. Conna-Lee immediately recognized I was not properly aligned. After only three days of working with Conna-Lee and learning spinal consciousness, I was pain free. Through her instruction I was able to access the muscles close to the spine and change my alignment. I was now no longer favoring my left side. Conna-Lee had observed that I was able to finish in the top 5 in New England for track because of my speed. Now, since I am also able to align and strengthen my spine, my speed has increased. I am faster over the hurdle with proper technique, more flexibility and no pain. Conna-Lee was not only able to take my pain away but she is so inspiring and encouraging and she never gives up on anyone; always true to her word. There was no doubt in my mind that she couldn't fix my alignment. For sure I will be recommending Conna-Lee to my Div.1 track coach at West Virginia University as well as my teammates back at home! 

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

Lia Ditton, professional sailor

"I came to Conna-Lee with an open mind and insufferable tendinitis in my elbow. Conna-Lee showed me the root cause of my tendinitis and how to approach the issue. I am delighted to say that within a week if not days, the tendinitis became a thing of the past. I hope to continue with Conna-Lee as I train and prepare for my record attempt to be the first woman and third person to row across the North Pacific Ocean. "Spinal consciousness" to use a phrase by Conna-Lee could be critical to my success, as there will be no one to help me with my physical misalignments when I am out on the ocean by myself. I look forward to continuing my MindfulSpine practice working under the expert guidance of Conna-Lee."

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

Jack Doran - Basketball coach LMU

My work with Conna-lee and  MindfulSpine  has revolutionalised both the way I approach the game of basketball and my personal fitness.  The realisation that our individual bones are not motionless props, but can be a catalyst for effortless movement has changed everything!

Professionally, Conna-Lee encouraged me to incorporate these truths into my sport. I started recognising improper movement patterns in my athletes and I am able to help them change habitual structural patterns  before injuries occur! Seemingly small corrections and understanding of spinal positioning has an exponential increase in performance and/or health.

As an avid runner, MindfulSpine has helped me avoid significant injury.  By being aware of the positioning and the movements of my spine my foot strike with the pavement is less dramatic and impact on lower lumbar is reduced. I am extremely blessed to have been a participant and student of MindfulSpine.

Alyssa Jones

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

I have had the pleasure of having Conna-Lee as my teacher and mentor since the age of nine. She has passed on so many tools to help me succeed in so many aspects of my life. Her work of MindfulSpine is going to change movement science and medicine as we know it today. I have both worked with her first hand and watched her work one on one with clients. This discovery is absolutely life changing! She was born to teach and I encourage others to learn all they can from this amazing creator.

Michael Eskra, University of Regina Cougars

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

MindfulSpine has helped me shift my focus from not just engaging big muscle groups to move and strengthen but also learning how to move the muscles most proximal to my bones. Being a hockey player having quick feet and speed matters. Now, when bringing my spine into a more optimal alignment, I am faster on the ice with better control and balance. I feel my entire body push the ice away through my torso and not just my legs! I now more easily fight off defenders that are much bigger and stronger. Along with sports comes injuries and with the new ability to align my spine I have better all around postures and strength returned to an injured shoulder I recently had surgery on. Learning this work has been one of the most eye opening experience when it comes to the body and movement!

Lawrence Holmefjord-Sarabi, Concert Pianist and CEO Aureus Academy

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

As a concert pianist, I had severe tendinitis and sciatica. After my work and training with Conna-Lee, now both issues are gone. It's one of the most important things that has happened to me in my life and has created confidence and a much better lifestyle for my body, mind and soul.

Grace Hafner

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

I began working with Conna-Lee ten years ago.  I was suffering from an ankle injury I had sustained playing varsity soccer.  Learning MindfulSpine techniques helped me throughout my college career, relieving shin splints and chronic lower back pain while I was running in varsity indoor/outdoor track and cross country at Tufts University.  I never imagined that I could learn how to release tension in my spine by simply moving and strengthening my vertebrae. 

Henri Lipton

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

As I prepared to play college lacrosse by lifting weights, my back began to bother me more and more. Before too long, I was unable to perform as I wanted to. Then I could hardly go for a jog without my back seizing up. Even riding in the car was painful. I spent over a year seeking answers and treatments of all kinds before I had the chance to see Conna-Lee. I had known her for years, and she had helped me in the past with other injuries, so I trusted her to help. Even so, I was shocked by the techniques—and their effectiveness—of the MindfulSpine program. It changed how I think about my ability to self direct and inhabit my own body. Conna-Lee was able not only to alleviate my pain but to teach me methods of keeping my body safe and healthy in the long term. Now, years later, my back bothers me less than it ever has before. I am no longer limited in my movement or activities, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Conna-Lee for her outsize role in my recovery.

Molly Simone Vogel, Yoga Instructor

sspine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

I got closer than ever before in a head ankle pose last night!! Almost got my head behind my ankle. It is because of the spinal alignment learning I received from MindfulSpine. Seriously, in one day my head got three inches closer to behind my ankle ...... just days after Conna-Lee Weinberg helped me learn to feel and find my sacrum and begin to align it. This helped me find my structural centre in  alignment with my spine. With this new learning I feel so freed up! Learning this work is worth it!

Dominic Merlo, college wrestler

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

“The MindfulSpine Program is a highly beneficial lifestyle venture for anyone who takes body movement and function seriously. Spinal consciousness is a must for any serious college athlete looking to sustain top physical performance. Conna-Lee creates an environment that is friendly, safe and highly educational for all students. I hope one day that every athlete has access to this program; as I feel so fortunate to be a part of this new discovery about the human spine!

Olissa Kim Francisco

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

When I met Conna-Lee I had sustained a hip injury that was preventing me from dancing. My hip was weak, tight and sore causing chronic pain ranging from dull to sharp. I began working with her on a regular basis and studied the basic techniques of spinal consciousness. Soon I was able to get to a place where I was able to move freely and pain free. Conna-Lee's unique and dedicated knowledge of the spine is unparalleled and I am so grateful for the positive impact she's had on my body and the tools I have learned from her in my movement journey. I sincerely hope to work again with her in the future to further my studies in the transformative approach of MindfulSpine. 


Chris Carver - Olympic Coach - Synchronized Swimming

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to work in special circumstances with Conna-Lee for the past several years. Conna-Lee's most recent work involving the connection of the skeletal system and the brain has profound possibilities fro revolutionising our approach to training. It is felt that these innovations will reduce injury while concomitantly increasing core control and balance. The later are two essential ingredients in the success of our athletes.

At a recent Camp held in Santa Clara, I was able to witness the remarkable work involved in MindfulSpine®. I am certain that the applications for this research are endless. This, it seems, might be applicable in dance, sports of nay kind, and in the rehabilitation of all physical injuries as well.

Conna-Lee and her work have my endorsement.

Dr. Loren Fishman Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

After meeting with Conna-Lee at my office in Manhattan and witnessing her X-ray evidence of conscious movement in the spine I believe it may have broad applications in spondylolisthesis and scoliosis.

Ruthy Alon - Bones for life® Considered one of the foremost teachers of the Feldenkrais Method.

spine consciousness,vertebra consciousness,spinal alignment,teen spinal health,scoliosis,spine pain

I have known Conna-Lee for many years, and I had an opportunity to share knowledge, teaching and learning with her. Being myself an explorer of movement and the effect it has on people's quality of living, I can highly appreciate the original way, which Conna-Lee is initiating. She is finding ways to reach the inner world of how our imagination and self perception are the core of our movement management. She does it with unusual sensitivity, and amazingly, has the skill to teach it to others, providing the culture with a sophisticated mind- over matter to upgrade human well being.

Steve Deas - President E&M 

I travel a lot! Too much, really. Learning MindfulSpine® and consciously finding my spinal vertebrae has helped me while I'm on the road and need to relieve lumbar discomfort. Using the techniques I've learned I have gotten myself out of some very uncomfortable situations. On a day to day basis I've learned how to strengthen my ultimate core, my spine!

Lisa K. Hunter

Before I learned MindfulSpine® 6 years ago I had chronic lower back pain. Now, whenever I feel that familiar tightness or twinge when I am riding my horse, exercising or driving I simply move my spinal vertebrae in a way I have learned that relieves it. It is quite amazing to me that I have learned to find where the twist in my spine is, and over time diminished the twist simply because I have learned how to put my vertebra in a pain free alignment.

Andrea Mitrovich, Dancer with ABT in New York City

I owe my success as a professional ballet dancer to Conna-Lee, her knowledge of the mechanics the spine and the interdependency between anatomical awareness and athletic excellence. Working with her is an opportunity for a life changing experience.

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